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Reading is an essential part of the education process. Books and blogs offer very different, but often very valuable ways of getting information, being exposed to others' opinions, and finding out about trends and current information.

Popular Books

Brenda Watson

Mehmet C. Oz

Connie Guttersen

LuDawn Farnworth

Phyllis A. Balch

Weight Watchers

Popular Weightloss and Diet Related Blogs

We want to show both popular and educational reading selections here. Hopefully there's something for your taste and situation. We tried to mix in some health and nutrition informational sites, along with some of the more motivational dieting and weightloss blogs. Happy reading!

Popular Weightloss and Diet Podcasts

Check out these podcasts related to weight loss, dieting and diets, healthy lifestyles, fitness and weight control. Listen at your computer or download 'em into your mp3 device.


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