What do you think of when you hear the term "fitness"? Most people think of losing weight, gaining strength and building endurance, and they would be right. But true fitness is about lifestyle, learning to eat and live healthy.

Some people find great satisfaction from doing yoga. Some people do well with supervised programs at their local gym. Whatever works for you, be sure to keep in mind that a well-balanced approach to a healthy lifestyle is more likely to work for a lifetime.

get fitStrengthening is the result of increasing difficulty of targeted exercises. Many people do endless repetitions on weight sets, and build up muscle bulk instead of focusing on strengthening. Bulking up is a goal for many, but getting healthy is about building strength and muscle tone.

Stretching is a crucial part of physical fitness. Poor flexibility means a limited range of motion, poor posture, and a lifetime of aches and pains. You are as young as your spine is flexible! Yoga enthusiasts know the importance of stretching very well. Some people mistakenly think stretching is just a warmup before exercising, but improving flexibility should be a top priority for everyone of any age or condition.

Stability and balance is all about conditioning various muscle groups that are used in everyday activities. Opposing muscle groups, when healthy, provide for graceful balance and great posture. Improving stability and balance allows you to do increasingly challenging exercises as well.

Yoga is a time-tested set of poses and routines developed over many centuries and enjoyed by enthusiasts worldwide. Yoga is an effective way to increase flexibility, develop your balance and stability, and lose excess body fat. Start slowly, preferably with instruction or guidance, and enjoy the terrific benefits!

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